This is the most important election in Ottawa in a generation. We can’t afford more of the same at City Hall. Ottawa is at a crossroads and we have a choice to make about our path ahead.

When our team was first elected three and half years ago, I never imagined that we would need to be on the front lines of the battle of billings bridge or organizing safety walks for people to feel comfortable accessing essential services because of a convoy occupation. We have had multiple “1 in 100 year” climate-related events causing flooding, tornadoes, and power loss for up to 11 days in our communities. The city launched an LRT system knowing it had major deficiencies leading to derailments.

The approach to challenges that come our way matters. With new leadership at City Hall, we can move beyond the toxic dynamics which have stifled dissent and created barriers to change, and collaborate to ensure a resident-focused city hall that places quality of life at the centre of everything we do.

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